Kung hindi ka sigurado sakin, wag ka magbibigay ng motibo. Ayokong umasa ulit sa maling tao. Ayokong mapunta ulit sa taong sa simula lang ako kayang panindigan.

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Dinner with my loves 😂😊💕 (at Max’s Restaurant Fairview Terraces)

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Hi Arkin Nygiel 💕

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Last Night’s Dream

I had a vision last night
It was you and me together
We were walking on the sea side
Talked about everything we missed

You were leaning beside me
And you even held my hand
You were saying I love you, in a blur
After I answered, I was awakened

Qt Mon 😍❤️

Paper and Crayons


  • Staying in love with someone even you're not sure if you can be together in the future is like standing in the rain. You know you're gonna be sick but you still there because it feels great.


Just wrote this poem last night. You know that feeling when you fall asleep in the day and when you wake up, it’s already dark? Not sure why but it always makes me feel melancholy. Anyway, I hope you like it… it’s the first poem I have written in a really long time (hence the first line.) I’ve been so busy getting ready for the September launch of my new book Lullabies. Hopefully, there will be more new poems soon… A thousand kisses to you all! xo Lang 

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