I know it’s my fault that we end up like this. I thought my love is enough for you to stay but I guess I was wrong. I didn’t notice I was being too clingy, too obsessive when it comes to you. I’m sorry. My mistake, I caused you to walk away. I’m sorry for not letting go easily. It’s really hard for me. It breaks my heart, it crashes my world. But what can I do? You want to leave me. Sorry. I’ll be fine, soon. Just give me TIME. Thank you.

  • Sometimes, the only thing left to do is say that Goodbye for one last time and let go.

Even if we end up like this I won’t stop writing about our story. To be honest I still want you in my life but it seems like you don’t want to be in it anymore. That’s why I’m giving you the S P A C E that you need. But don’t worry just say sorry and without doubts I’ll be back in no time.